After a two hours drive we arrived next in Franschhoek. Franschhoek is all about food and wines. We lived in a special bed and breakfast, the "Akademie Street Boutique Hotel and Guest House", only a five minutes walk away from the center.  They gave us the honeymoon suite with a private garden and pool.

In the evening we had a great dinner at the restaurant Foliage:

For the next day we have booked a winetour. Some of the wines were great, others less, the scenery was always spectacular.

We went to Ryan's kitchen for dinner. When we arrived, I asked the owner if it would be possible to have the menu with the matching wines because of my food intolerance of onions and garlic. He discussed this with the chef and then told us: "the chef will do some magic and adapt the menu for you". Only now have we studied the menu. It contained a few dishes we would not normally order - but we could not very well change now. Luckily it was the best food we have had in South Africa so far and an excellent wine pairing in addition - and we love the food here and have both certainly already gained several kilos. Unfortunately I could not eat the desserts, I was just too full. And the next day lunch was just ice cream, we were still so full ... The menu we had: