For our trip to Oudtshoorn we have planned a beautiful route via Prince Albert and the Swartberg Pass. The weather was tiptop, sunny and cool. At about 10:00 we passed a small village, as we were looking for a restaurant with espresso on offer, but unfortunately unsuccessfully. Our TomTom then navigated us to a gravel road. After about 20 km the car jerked and we saw that one of our tires was completely wrecked. So Heini changed tires. He was very proud that he mastered this successfully but unfortunately when he was finished he saw, that in the meantime a second tire has lost all air and we had no more spare tire. Luckily we had a phone connection and I could call Avis. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky with my supporter, Heini and I alternated on the phone because it was so hard to explain to him where we are and what happened. Finally, Avis organised a replacement car from George (about 180 km away). After we had already waited for some hours, a nice farmer came  along, brought us drinks and lollipops and explained to the driver of the pickup truck in Afrikaans exactly where we were. He also kept us company for at least an hour to make sure our adventure came to a happy end. His wife sat in the car all the time, playing a computer game. She cannot do that at home, they only have one spot in the house with telephone reception. The spot is so small that they need to hang up the phone in the air and communicate via the loudspeaker!

Unfortunately, we have no pictures of Oudtshoorn, we arrived at 19:00 at the hotel. It was a very nice hotel in a beautiful rose garden. We want to go there again.