Clipper Round The World Race

Today was dedicated to the 12 sailing yachts that have docked directly in front of the hotel. Today at 12:00 they left the harbor at a folk festival. The crew of each boat consists of a skipper (professional) and about 20 crew members (paying amateurs). The journey is divided into 8 legs and the amateurs can attend 1 to 8 legs. This is certainly a great adventure. We talked to an Englishman who completed the first two legs. He told us that it was very cold and wet, so it required a lot of willpower. Of course, this was not a cheap adventure, a leg costs about 5,500 english pounds and the obligatory 4-week introductory course the same amount. But of course this is the adventure of life ...

Outbound for the training the previous day:

Whole route:

A few details:

The crew of the boat "Seattle" ready for the 3rd leg to Fremantle (south of Perth in Western Australia):

The crew of the boat "Seattle" and the legs they attend:

Just before leaving, all are still together:

In the background the "Seattle" is leaving:

And here is the leaving "Qingdao":