Sanbona Wildlife Resort

On the beautiful route 62 we drove to the Sanbona wildlife resort. This is a very large resort (approx. 58'000 hectares) in the heart of Little Karoo in the Western Cape. Luckily after our former flop we were very happy here. Not only could we enjoy the beautiful landscape and various encounters with the wildlife, we also had a nice accommodation and good food.  In addition we shared the jeep with two very nice couples, one from England and one from Basel.

This is what we saw when we drove into the resort with our car:

Two Cliff Springers:

Giraffes with Baboons (Paviane):

Black-backed Jackal:

Since we have a drought here and the water is therefore quite shallow we could see the ​hippopotamus (Flusspferd) quite well:

They have a lot of white Rhinos here:

This is where our tented lodge was placed:

The elephants came so close to our jeep that I wondered if one would grab Heini's camera.

Our guide was looking for a (chipped) Cheetah:

A group of 6 white lions:


They had a lot of buffalos but they were all hidden in the trees in the shade

Our sundowners with: guide, employee, Evi (Basel), me, Heinz (Basel), Liz and Tim from England