Amakhala Game Resort

3 days were planned in the Bukela Game Lodge in the Amakhala Game Reserve. Although this was a so-called 5 star luxury lodge, unfortunately only the price was luxurious. The first two drives were bitterly cold and very rough and apart from elephants, antelopes and beautiful scenery, we did not see much. So we decided to shorten our stay to 2 days. From then on everything went better. The general manager, who had apparently been on vacation for a few days, was apologetic and did not even charge us the third day.

​Eland (Elenantilope):


The two lions could be seen only from very far away:

Our third and last drive was a great success.

The Rhino's are not at all shy in this park:

Antelopes and Zebras feeding side by side:

Some buffalo families:

A cheetah family: Both parents with four 13 months old kids: