The start of our vacation was perfect. Warm and sunny weather (approx.  25°) and the offer to upgrade our room to the only room of the hotel with a huge terrace. Of course we could not resist. Therefore we relaxed on the loungers after a short tour of the Waterfront and recovered from the flight.

Our terrace:

View from our terrace:

And then our first meal in Cape Town, a nice salad and a Chardonnay 2015 from Boschkloof Wines in the nearby restaurant Seelan:

A lot of street musicians can be encountered in Cape Town:

Again some music. This time we liked the sound so much, that we bought spontaneously a CD. In the background, by the way, our Hotel "The Table Bay".

Picture to the waterfront and the table mountain from the ferris wheel (Riesenrad):

We also took a boat ride and here is a view from the boat:

Only three pictures from downtown so far:

Lion's Head, Signal Hill and the city of Cape Town:

View from our favorite restaurant at the waterfront - the Baia.